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church-wide fast

Get Ready for Our

Church-Wide Fast

October 22-25

Q: Why are we fasting?

A: Fasting helps us connect with God in a fresh way. This year’s theme is "Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Q: What kind of fast should I do?

A: The Bible mentions several types of fasts. Pray and ask God what type He is leading you to do. Always keep your safety, health and dietary restrictions in mind.


Absolute Fast – abstain from all food or drink (should not exceed 3 days)

Partial Fast – abstain from certain types of food or drink

Daniel Fast – abstain from all foods except fruits and vegetables

Q: What can I do to have a successful fast?

A:  ∙ Get a prayer partner

      ∙ Meditate on Scriptures

      ∙ Focus on God

      ∙ Pray, pray, pray!

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