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We believe in doing life together! Life Groups are small groups that meet to encourage, care for and challenge one another to walk out our faith.

Life Groups are at the core of CCC’s plan to develop disciples. A disciple is one called by God into a loving relationship with Christ for the purpose of becoming like Christ while on mission with Christ. Our vision is to see people


  • Fall deeper in love with Jesus (greater intimacy

  • Become more and more like Jesus (greater maturity

  • Live increasingly on mission with Jesus (greater impact)


Life groups are a powerful tool in our journey toward spiritual maturity and developing authentic, Christ-honoring relationships. Group meetings include biblical teaching as well as discussion about practical life application and feature a variety of topics relevant to men, women and youth.

Life Groups are available for a wide range of groups and special interests and will connect you with a group of people to hang out with, support and pray for as they do the same for you.


In addition to Life Groups, we offer Bible studies to support you in your spiritual growth. Our goal is for every member of CCC to participate in either a Life Group or Bible Study. 


Explore the list below to find a group that fits you! Groups will meet September 2020 through May 2021.

For more information, e-mail us at


Open Heart

1st and 3rd Tuesdays | 7 pm

Where: Zoom

Leader: Earl Mauldin,

All men are warriors! Men are called to fight and stand firm for their families, churches, and their communities. This life group is designed to help all men develop the spiritual weapons needed to fight the good fight of faith. Further, men will be encouraged and challenged to be the husbands, fathers, and men God has called them to be. In this life group, men will be equipped to stand firm for the LORD and to remain steadfast in their commitment to God. 


At His Feet

1st and 3rd Saturdays | 9:30 am

Where: Zoom

Leader: Beverly Payne, 

At His Feet Women’s Life Group desires to see women cultivate a strong relationship with Christ. As women navigate through the different issues and seasons of life, they are equipped to understand those challenges through the Word of God. In this group, women study the Scriptures together and encourage one another to live for God.


Real Marriage  

Monthly (various dates)

Where: Zoom

Leaders: Anthony and Monica Jackson

What is marriage, really? Well simply put, it's just two imperfect people committed to working together to grow in their relationship and love for God and one another. But what does that look like in the midst of real life? As we are on our marriage journeys, we can often get too preoccupied with the seen (our spouse) and forget about the unseen (God - the creator and foundation of marriage). This class is designed around discussions that will help redirect us towards the One who created marriage, and how to apply His design for a successful, thriving union to our own relationships. 

Monica and Anthony.jpeg


Payne family women.jpg
Parenting with the Savior’s Heart 

2nd and 4th Saturdays | 7 pm

Where: Zoom

Leader: Kyle Priestly,

There is no doubt that being a parent is indeed a blessing, a joy, and at times, even fun! But let's be honest... there are many days when we question whether that's true or not. This group will explore, discuss, and share the frustrations and joys of parenting, (specifically as mothers) in a supportive and nurturing environment, using the Word of God as our guide. 



2nd and 4th Sundays | 7 pm

Where: Zoom

Leader: Ta’Mia Fannin,

This Life Group is specifically for young ladies ages 12 – 16. Regroup will allow girls to explore who they are in Christ and gain the confidence they need to use their unique gifts to serve Him faithfully. A person is never too young to serve God. This group’s goal is to help young ladies understand their value and worth in Christ. They will be encouraged to trust Him, follow Him and serve Him in their youth.

2 teen girls.png

bible studies

Bible Doctrine Class 

Saturdays | 11:00 am   

Where: Zoom 

Contact: Luvirt Parker, 

The purpose of the Bible Doctrine Class is to go deeper in the Word of God for the purpose of a greater understanding of God’s Word, passionate worship, and greater commitment and devotion to the King. In this class, students will cover various doctrines and topics such as who is God, what is the Bible and how did we get it, what is the church, and topics related to the end-times. 


Noonday Bible Study 

Wednesdays | 12 pm

Where: Facebook Live @ Christ Community Church Cleveland

Contact: Luvirt Parker,

Noonday Bible study is an opportunity to study the Scriptures together in a fun, interactive, and engaging way. During the Bible study, we will study and explore a Book of the Bible. Noonday Bible study typically lasts for one hour, so it is a great opportunity to engage God’s Word during a break in your day.  


Kingdom Kidz  

2nd & 4th Sundays | 12:45 pm ages 4-8, 1:30 pm ages 9 – 12

Where:  Zoom  

Contact: Luvirt Parker,

CCC is committed to the growth and development of our youth. The Kingdom Kidz children’s ministry is designed to help our children grow in their walk and relationship with God. Children will start in the beginning of the Bible, and travel through various accounts in Scriptures. They will learn Scriptural principles that will help them navigate through life.  



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